I defend you in criminal matters, advise you in migration questions
and represent your interests in traffic law.


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There is hardly a district which reflects more of the cosmopolitan side of Frankfurt: The station district Bahnhofsviertel – the district where the pulse of the metropolis beats the loudest.

But of course, there is not just love to be found in the heart of a metropolis.

Where everyday life brings repeated confrontations between state and citizen, between citizens among each other or even only between their vehicles, a variety of legal problems arise.

These complex situations mostly do no only require a legal solution, but also a committed person able to look at your problem with a cosmopolitan view, who understands the particularity of your situation and who assists you by advising, representing and defending you.

My Areas of Law

Criminal Law

I advise and defend you in all areas of Criminal Law.

This includes in particular

  • Controlled Substances Criminal Law
  • Criminal Traffic Law
  • Juvenile Criminal Law
  • Aliens Criminal Law (crimes and offences according to the Residence Act)

Business Immigration

  • Consultation for employers with foreign personnel
  • Application for Visa (including work permit)
  • change or extension of current permit
  • amendment of work permit
  • family reunion

Citizenship Law

  • Application for German Citizenship
  • For German citizens abroad: Application for German Citizenship Retention
  • For descendants of German citizens persecuted by the Nazi regime: Restoration of German Citizenship

Immigration Law

Traffic Law

Liability Traffic Law

Settlement of claims after a traffic accident

Contractual Traffic Law

Disputes arising from contracts regarding vehicles, for example:

  • purchase / sale
  • rental / leasing
  • repair

Criminal Traffic Law

Offences and crimes in traffic, for example:

  • driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • hit-and-runs
  • driving without a licence
  • illegal motor racing
  • negligent physical injury/killing

Warranty Claims Air Passenger Rights Service Contract Defect Consumer Rights

Other Areas of Law

The focus of my law practice is on the beforementioned Areas of Law.

However, please do not hesitate to contact me in case of other legal issues or if you are uncertain, which area of law your matter belongs to.

If necessary, I will at least be able to provide you with a contact specialized on your legal matter.

Your Attorney

Shinta Zafiraki Sanyoto​

I was lucky to already grow up with several cultures and languages. Furthermore, during the course of my life I have lived in different countries, where I met people from all over the world and from different social contexts. This enables me…

to easily find access to people across cultural, language or social barriers,

to show understanding for every imaginable situation in life and to quickly build a trusting relationship.