Your questions regarding entry, stay and work in Germany

Immigration Law

Business Immigration

  • Consultation for employers with foreign personnel
  • Application for Visa (including work permit)
  • change or extension of current permit
  • amendment of work permit
  • family reunion

Citizenship Law

  • Application for German Citizenship
  • For German citizens abroad: Application for German Citizenship Retention
  • For descendants of German citizens persecuted by the Nazi regime: Restoration of German Citizenship

For Employers

Are you looking to recruit new staff and want to make sure that the current permit of the potential candidate allows him/her to start employment with you immediately?

Do you need support with obtaining the required work permit for your labour force as soon as possible?

Or is your preferred candidate for the position still abroad and you need support to get the candidate to Germany on a “work visa”, so the vacancy can be filled in a timely manner?

I am happy to advise you on immigration questions regarding your current or future personnel. If you need further support throughout the process, I´ll be happy to represent you and your employees in dealing with the German Consulates/Embassies abroad, as well as with the local authorities in Germany including the Federal Employment Agency and the relevant immigration authority.

Third-country nationals planning to travel to Germany to take up employment are facing a complex and nerve-racking immigration process.

But even foreign employees who are already in Germany always have to consider the impact on their immigration status throughout their professional development. Especially when changing employers, but also in case of other changes of working conditions the immigration office must often be involved.

If you come to Germany to study, you will also have to deal with immigration issues and the immigration authority as a student or graduate.

I am happy to support you in these different immigration-related situations by consulting and representing you with the respective authorities.

For Employees

Congratulations, you have been applying for jobs in Germany and have just received a job offer! But now everything depends on whether you will obtain the required “work visa” and you already shudder at the thought of having to fight yourself through the visa process?

I am happy to support you – and, if applicable, also your family – with the application and to legally accompany you throughout the entire immigration process: From obtaining the required approval by the Federal Employment Agency, the visa appointment with the German Consulate, to the appointment with the local immigration authority in Germany.

You work in Germany and would like to change your employer, but you are not sure if your current work and residence permit allows you to do so, or is your current permit explicitly bound to your current employer?

I am happy to advise you regarding these scenarios, to ensure you are authorised to immediately start your new position with the new company. Furthermore, I am happy to support you with the amendment of your current permit via the respective immigration authority.

But also, a change of position within the same company, a restructuring of the company or an upcoming termination of your employment contract may raise immigration issues. Not dealing with these questions in a timely fashion could cause inconveniences with the immigration authority, at the latest, when your current permit will need to be extended.

Therefore, generally all changes in working conditions need to be assessed in advance regarding if and how they impact your current work and residence status. I am happy to advise you on these questions and to represent you with the local immigration authority.

Are you a fresh graduate from university or still at the final spurt with your studies? Currently still on a “student status” in Germany and just about to accept a job offer or perhaps you need some more time for seeking work?

Your status/permit will need to be amended according to your new situation and certain time-lines need to be observed. Perhaps, in addition and above all, you also have travel plans or plans to move to a different city (different jurisdiction), and just the thought of having to deal with the immigration authorities at the same time already causes you a headache…

The transition from student life to work life is an exciting and challenging stage of life. But for foreign students, this transition can sometimes lead to unnecessary problems with the immigration authority.

I would be delighted to advise you in advance regarding your different options and also to take over the struggle with the immigration authority for you, to make this transition as smooth as possible for you also from an immigration point of view.