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Settlement of claims after a traffic accident

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Disputes arising from contracts regarding vehicles, for example:

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  • driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • hit-and-runs
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What is the benefit of an attorney supporting me with claims settlement after an accident?

Starting with the written articulation of the events of accident, you can easily fall prey to unprecise or unnecessary wording or omission of important details, that you considered irrelevant, but which could benefit you in the question of liability. Even this seemingly straightforward task could in turn pave the way for the insurance company to refuse payment.

In case of immediate engagement right after the accident, I can champion the communication with the insurance company from the start and ensure that the description of the accident contains clear articulation of legally relevant aspects, thereby reducing the risk of the insurance company drawing unjustified and unfavourable conclusions based on this description.

As per experience, parties involved in accidents are often not aware of their claims if not represented by an attorney and thus do not demand from the insurance company what they are entitled to.

With the initial assertion, I would confront the insurance company with all claims of damages which you are entitled to according to the current legal situation and jurisdiction and issue a claim for the full amount to the insurance company.

Generally, insurance companies try to cut all claims for damages, sometimes providing a reason. For laypersons it is often hard to judge whether these arguments are indeed valid and whether the number and amount of these cuts are legitimate. Therefore, many people are inclined to simply accept the cuts.

Insurance companies are of course aware of this circumstance. Experience shows that insurances companies tend to make excessive cuts in the preliminary stages of settlement hoping it will work to their advantage, despite the risk that a possible legal dispute may reveal that those cuts were not justified. It is therefore worthwhile to legally examine the cuts and to fight against unjustified cuts.

By invalidating the arguments of the insurance company, I can achieve full remuneration for you during the claims settlement. However, if the insurance company continues insisting on unjustified cuts, I can enforce your claims in court – if necessary. Some insurances companies take the gamble and only reimburse the claims after legal action has been submitted to court.

Generally, the claims settlement will be accelerated if you are represented by an attorney. It is not uncommon for victims of an accident who do not have legal representation to get the impression that the settlement is being delayed by the insurance company and, despite follow up, it takes longer before “seeing money in their bank account.”

Through immediate and complete assertion of your claims for damages with the insurance company, regular payment requests including hard deadlines as well as by immediately invalidating possible objections of the insurance, I will stand firm and continuously follow up with the insurance, until the settlement and reimbursement of your damages has been successfully carried out.

Whether you decide to engage an attorney only after a lengthy and perhaps nerve-racking dispute with the insurance company or whether you save yourself the trouble by engaging an attorney with the claims settlement from the very start does not matter for the legal fees. Furthermore, legal fees will be covered by the opposing insurance company if the accident was caused without fault of your own.

The traffic accident itself is an already stressful incident. Depending on the severity of the accident, you may already have several other battles to fight considering the physical and psychological consequences of an accident. Against this background, it comes as a relief to most people that they do not also have to deal with the unpleasant claims settlement and arguments with the insurance company.

I am happy to take on this fight on your behalf!


Trouble with the insurance company after a traffic accident?

We´ve all been there: At the scene of the accident all parties involved agreed on how the accident happened, you parted reassured and you assumed the insurance company would handle the remaining formalities.

Now, however, after you have already been struggling with questionnaires and accident sketches, everything is called into question again: the other party´s insurance company refuses the payment or applies cutbacks on claimed positions, which are untraceable.

You ask yourself “is this right?” and find yourself considering showing this unpleasant letter to an attorney.

However, it is useful to act immediately following the traffic accident and engage an attorney with respect to the claim settlement sooner than later even if you think that all circumstances have been confirmed.

The following issues are commonly occurring in the course of claim settlement with the liability insurance after an accident:

  • the insurance company does not want to pay
  • the insurance company pays too little
  • it takes too long until the insurance company pays